Edgar Vega at InkMuscle

Edgar Vega

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Edgar Vega

Edgar Vega at InkMuscle
Manga Studio (Clip Studio)

Chief Ink Officer

Edgar's hustle first appeared in 1998 at Dawson Elementary in Austin. He took commissions from his fellow classmates, diligently fulfilling each request before drawing the ire and attention of school officials. His enterprise was shut down and went underground. His work surfaced again in the spring of 2008 in the funny pages of The Daily Texan before expanding to the Editorial page and the Life & Arts section. Since then, he's produced comics, fantasy card game art, book and album covers, magazine illustrations and designed the aesthetic for a number of small businesses.

A Conduit: Edgar believes in art as a means for execution and expression of a vision. His talents and experience are in service of the client. With conviction, Edgar will carve out a client's visual space.
Fundamentals and Context: A strong understanding of the fundamentals of visual communication is key to maximizing the efficacy of a work. No level of flash can cover up a fractured base. The process of creating art must acknowledge and accept/challenge the world it occupies.
Versatility: Graphic design, painting, illustration, sequential art and traditional drawing. Edgar pulls from a number of different visual disciplines to provide a versatile and adaptive approach to a project or piece. With each project comes unique challenges and opportunities; Edgar readies himself for any demand.

Fun Facts about Edgar

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